Dean Williams Photography | Bio
         Dean C. Williams is a native Long Island resident who developed a passion photographing his
wife's gardens, who is a Landscape Designer. Encouraged by those who admired his work, Dean
began exhibiting his photographs. Dean went on to be selected by Newsday’s Explore Long Island
Magazine Photo Contest to receiving Honorable Mention in the South Bay Arts Annual Exhibit to
be later being published in Photographers Vibe best of edition. He started to fine tune his work
through his extensive travel to exotic locations. Hawaii, Turks & Caicos, Aruba, Ocho Rios, Grand
Cayman, Cancun to name a few. The synergy of lens and nature began to make his portfolio
appear like a luxury travel brochure.
        Around five years ago Dean began exploring the Antique & Auto circuit where he found his new
muse, the beautiful designs of the automobile. This body of work is a historical collaboration of
some of the best automotive art that graced our roads in the past and present. His acrylic &
aluminum treatment of these photographs has become his caveat. He defines this collection as
Photo Auto Art.
       Dean received a BA at George Meany Center for Labor Studies and continued advanced studies at
Cornell University with a focus on Labor Studies. He later studied photography at Nassau
Community College and NY Institute of Photography.